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Senegal: Recipes and Cuisine

Senegalese mother bathing children

Image by Nina Volare

Senegalese cuisine is made up of an amalgam of influences, from local Wolof culinary traditions to the cuisine of Morocco and cooking of former French colonizers. Many dishes that originated in Senegal have become mainstays throughout West Africa.

Some of the more common dishes in Senegal are: ceebu jen, a tomatoey fish stew over rice; yassa, grilled chicken marinated with onions and lemon juice; and mafé, a meat and peanut stew. Rice, couscous and French bread are common starches.

Fish is eaten along the long coast. Tomatoes, black-eyed peas, onions and peanuts are used in numerous dishes and thious, or stews. Tropical fruit and rich desserts end meals.

Typical Senegalese Dishes

Senegalese Recipes

Try these recipes from Senegal.


Black-eyed pea fritters

(Senegalese black-eyed pea fritters)

Ceebu Jen

Ceebu Jen (Senegalese fish with rice and vegetables)

(Senegalese fish with rice and vegetables)


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