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Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Breakfast plate with poached eggs

Image by charles_chan

Breaking the fast is never so fun as when you dine on favorite breakfast dishes from around the world. Eggs, cheese and fruits are favorite starters in the Western World. In the East, your day is more likely to begin with a bowl of rice gruel and fish or with a steamed, filled bun. Africans might have a bowl of corn porridge. For Mexicans, it's often as simple as warm tortillas and refried beans.

International Breakfast Recipes


Baleadas (Honduran flour tortillas with beans and cheese)

(Honduran flour tortillas with beans and cheese)


Bao (Chinese steamed, filled buns)

(Chinese steamed, filled buns)


Cachapas (Venezuelan fresh corn pancakes)

(Venezuelan fresh corn pancakes)


An olla filled with atole

(Mexican warm cornmeal beverage)


Vigorón (Nicaraguan yuca, pork rind and cabbage salad)

(Nicaraguan yuca, pork rind and cabbage salad)


Individual portion of chakchouka

(North African eggs poached in a pepper ragout)

Sausage Rolls

Couple of sausage rolls

(Australian, New Zealand sausage-stuffed puff pastry)


Beignets (American Southern powdered sugar fritters)

(American Southern powdered sugar fritters)


Mangú served with queso frito and sausages

(Dominican mashed plantains)


Pouring muesli into a bowl

(Swiss oats and fruit breakfast)