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Dairy and Cheese Recipes

Stilton blue cheese

Image by Martin Delisle

Whether from cows, goats, sheep, horses or even camels, milk forms an important component of the diet of people in many countries. Milk is often drunk fresh, but it is more commonly transformed, either through churning into butter, or through fermentation and aging into yogurt, kefir or any of an endless number of cheeses.

International Dairy and Cheese Recipes


Pashka (Eastern Orthodox molded Easter cheesecake)

(Eastern Orthodox molded Easter cheesecake)


Iab (Ethiopian fresh cheese)

(Ethiopian fresh cheese)

Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese sandwich

(American Southern cheese spread and sandwich filling)


Bowl of Indian yogurt raita

(South Asian yogurt condiment)


Full cheese fondue set

(Swiss melted cheese dish)


Delhi paneer vendor

(Indian, Pakistani fresh cheese)


Ghee Recipe (Indian clarified butter)

(Indian, Pakistani clarified butter)