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Poland: Recipes and Cuisine

Polish woman in window with pigeons

Both Central European and Slavic in character, Polish cooking centers around braised and roasted meats, homemade noodles and a wide variety of cabbage dishes. Polish food is hearty and filling. Many types of sausages, but especially kielbasa, are popular. Dumplings called pierogi are stuffed with both savory and sweet fillings and are boiled and sometimes fried. Sour and heavy cream enrich soups and stews.

Typical Polish Dishes

Polish Recipes

Try these recipes from Poland.


Plate of Polish pierogi

(Polish stuffed dumplings)


Bigos (Polish hunter-style-stew)

(Polish hunter's stew of meat, cabbage and sauerkraut)


Kasza (Polish buckwheat groats)

(Polish buckwheat groats; see Kasha recipe)


Mizeria (Polish cucumber and sour cream salad)

(Polish cucumber and sour cream salad)


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